About - Olivier Symon

Born in Brussels in 1990, Olivier Symon is a young self-taught photographer. It was during his time living in Shanghai in 2013 that his passion for photography and travel began to grow. While travelling through South East Asia and North America, he was able to experience parts of the world that helped him hone his photography skills, master his attention to detail and practice perfectionism.

Today, he continues to discover the world and capture emotive images that allow one to relive moments and share stories through the lens. Beyond being emotional, his work is observant, technical, and instinctive - allowing him to anticipate the result before it's final.

Since September 2016, Olivier's work has been showcased in the Monochrome View Gallery, a Brussels-based art gallery promoting Belgian photographers and selling unique high quality prints.  Beyond that, a selection of his work is also represented by TicTacArtCollection, a Brussels-based art photography platform organizing exhibits in Belgium and abroad.

In June 2017, Olivier started collaborating with Fujifilm Belgium, allowing him to test out and review new pieces of gear when travelling. 

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